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Why family adventures?


Albania has many exciting experiences for children and teenagers to offer. From paragliding to donkey or horse trekking, from mountaineering to rafting, there are many possibilities to make your holiday an unforgettable adventure. Last but not least, we offer an intensive nature experience for the young and the young at heart. You meet your guide at the airport.

From here we drive to Velipoje, a formerly sleepy village, which slowly but steadily develops into a seaside resort. Besides the simple pensions, we also find luxurious hotels and resorts. There, let us first explore beach, ocean and the surrounding area. Later we enjoy traditional regional dishes. Perhaps there will be time for a culinary highlight in one of the few Slow Food restaurants in Albania. Today we spend the whole day in Velipoje; beach, water and sunshine — in the evening we enjoy our dinner at the seaside.

For the adventurous guests, there are much more to explore. Velipoje is situated in the middle of a nature reserve called Buna River protected landscape. It stretches along the border river, which flows from Montenegro, Shkodra then to the sea. In the nearby lagoon there are birds reserve and a lot of nature to admire.

A walk along the sandy beach offers many opportunities for creative activities e. There are no limits to your imagination.

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The majority of Albanians are Muslim. The odd part is that the scarecrow or the teddy bear will be impaled on a rod or hung by a rope like a noose. Some also say that these talismans bring good luck.


When the communist era ended in , there were roughly three million people in the country but only cars. Communism isolated the country and for a long time, only Party officers were permitted to use cars. In the years since, many more cars have come into the country, and the national preference appears to be Mercedes. Blame it on the late start in getting behind the wheel, or just cultural proclivity, but be warned: Albanians have a reputation for being some of the worst drivers on the planet. Not only are the roads in less than ideal condition, and not only are the cars barely drivable think no headlights , but the drivers themselves seem to be following individualized rules of the road.

Look both ways before crossing the road!

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Better known to the rest of the world as Mother Teresa. She was born in Skopje, which is now a part of Macedonia, and is one of the most beloved religious figures of the 20th century. She is the only Albanian to win a Nobel prize. In a law was passed requiring citizens to pay taxes on traffic-lights in their home towns.

The residents of Shkodra were taxed, just like all cities, but staged a protest. Their reason?

Shkodra has no traffic lights. Also, the Rozafa Fortress offers incredible views over the lake. The Albanian government has seen a lot of change. The government declared independence from the Ottoman Empire in Then, in , the country was successfully invaded by Italy.

Shortly after that, in , Communist loyalist took control. One of the most interesting facts about Albania is that locals believe if you site a scarecrow in the grounds of a property whilst it is being built, it will keep jealousy from the neighbors far away! This tradition is also seen as being a good luck charm.

Albanians have a reputation unfairly or otherwise as being quite bad drivers. Mother Teresa is a special figure in Albania. Due to changes in geography over the years, Mother Teresa is actually Albanian. She was born in Skopje, which is now in Macedonia.

Is It Safe to Travel to Albania?

Despite that, she is one of the most coveted figures in the country. Mother Teresa is also the only Albanian to ever win a Nobel prize. There is a city in Albania which has no traffic lights at all, not even one — Shkodra. This is also one of the oldest cities on the continent. Albania was once under Ottoman rule, then Italian rule, then communists, Russian, Chinese, and then they achieved independence.

Albania Geography/Albania Country Counties

A geleshes is a type of traditional Albanian hat that you will see in rural areas in particular. This hat has no brim. There are more than , bunkers across the country. These were originally built during the rule of Enver Hoxta, in case of an invasion. Paranoid perhaps, because they were never used, and most are now either eyesores or have been turned into funky museums!

Edi Rama, a politician and a painter is responsible for the green look of the capital Tirana. He wanted to make the city natural and bright, and not grey and dark like many cities who fell under communist rule. Most costumes have the Albanian eagle on them, and are made of silk, wool or cotton, with embroidery.