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Maunakea is the world's home of astronomy. The clarity, stability, and darkness of our skies make us the premier location for astronomical research, and is why we are home to thirteen of the world's largest, most powerful, and most productive telescopes. Additional information on the astronomical resources of Maunakea is presented in the detailed video "MK Astronomy".

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UHH Astrophysics Club. Maunakea is home to many unique and rare plant and animal species. In the upper regions of these slopes, you will find a mixture of specimens native to the Hawaiian islands, invasive species, and some plants and creatures found only in the harsh climate of Maunakea.

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A Kilauea WebWorks production. Current road conditions - call You know why? Because back then they had their own government and survived without any fancy technology.

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Kapu was sacred and the Hawaiians believed in it, but it caused problems. Kapu was powerful and ruled the people, but what created and controlled kapu was the chief.

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Kapu were sacred rules that the Hawaiians believed in as a religion. It was a word they lived by. The penalty of breaking these rules was commonly death. One of the rules, and the most famous one, was the kapuhili restriction. The two things that make it up is kapu ku mamao and kapu noho. Kapu ku mamao means prohibited from place of the chief, while kapu noho means to assemble before the chief.

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  • Another kapu is aloha aina, a restriction of fishing in certain areas and certain times. There is a story to it in which I am going to tell you right now.

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    Presently kapu means keep out or stay out.