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You will know when you get there. Sorry I butted in… Just felt compelled to reply to the comment. Thanks for understanding! Sorry for the late reply. I was taking a break from blogging as I got married this past weekend. It makes me sad to hear your story but thanks for sharing your feelings. I understand that confusion and helplessness. I had a period like that too, questioning everything, what I did wrong, why did it happen, and everyone had an opinion on why and what and how.

It was very confusing and annoying. But like Vlad said, perhaps to let it unfold. My shrink also said I had to feel the emotions, let it happen. Feel it. Cry, do whattver. And after all the pent up frustration is let out, it will then get better. Please write to me if you are comfortable.

Sad, or blue. My husband called him stupid.

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That made me feel much better. I love you, Babes.

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I feel loved. I feel like this is an illness that needs to be treated. One person loves me. But I forgive him. I know this. I agree with you.

Clinical depression is misunderstood at times. And I hope you will pull through this challenge. Thanks for sharing the above. So true! Personally I have been told all of the above and all they ever served were to make me feel even worse! I felt more worthless than ever and ever more convinced that world is better without me.

However, I was determined to get out of the serious depression that I had. There must be more to life! Sad to say, I had been battling this difficult journey by myself. Lost 2 relationships along the way, a promising career and greatly misunderstood. I think you enjoy being depressed! It has been the worst nightmare of my life!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Made me cringe… those things you got said to you. You are not alone in this indeed.

If I Had Given Him Just One Bottle, He Would Still Be Alive.

I used to feel very alone. This is exactly what my friends tell me, i dont wanna talk to them when they start up saying things like this…. My friends also tell me that i like being depressed and thats y every other day i am sad and moaning about something, they also say that i m a cry baby… i wish they wud know exactly how i felt… i hate them for being like this with me… i hate them all. Are there other new friends you can make? A support group in your vicinity? Maybe they will be better help and comfort for you? You are not a cry baby.

I know. I have faith in you that you will pull through. I understand… As you can see from the comments, you are not alone in this. We all understand Perhaps distance yourself slightly from your friends who make you feel bad, let yourself feel the emotions and deal with them in your own time and space Take care Noch Noch.

What does depression feel like? You might be surprised.

When I was little I was bullied constantly, and eventually decided that if emotions did nothing but hurt me I was better off without them- I managed to detach myself. I eat little while inside my house and only a tiny bit more than that while outside of it. The only thing that helps me sometimes. Anyways, I just wanted to say that this list was very helpful. What can I do, as merely a sibling without any real power to get him professional help, to help him? Thank you for your time- it really does help to see that others understand.

Thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope your family can come to read this blog post too and learn how to communicate with you. So I hope the situation improves for you. Feel free to rant if you need to here, or via email to me. As a sibling, I think being there to listen to him is the best. Or just kept me company at home. Maybe this is what your brother needs, to know he is not alone. Is there some support group around your area for teenages as well?

I try to just be there, or I drag him out of the house to go somewhere, because I know that helps me- thanks for the advice. It was irrational, I know. My friends told me to get a grip and pull myself up. My parents and seniors told me I was committing a fatal mistake by quitting my […]. You just need to get away from what makes you upset or sad. Spot on! We have to work on our thoughts and emotions consciously to come out of it!

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Yes we do. You have taught me about consciously thinking and subconsciously thinking.