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That your house already feels like a home. I want to tell you that the housework can wait. Follow what your instincts tell you to do: hold and cuddle your precious girl as much as you can, because secure babies turn into confident toddlers. What I really want to tell you is that some of the babies we see are not being fed or clothed.

Their home is cold and damp, and I knock on that door and feel a wave of dread for the child inside and the life they are living. Because you are doing brilliantly.

A Real & Beautiful Letter To A Daughter By His Father - Big B Amitab Might Inspired From This Letter

But please know that I am here if you need me, every step of the way. Topics Parents and parenting A letter to Reuse this content. Most popular. Thus, I only ask that you keep this letter close to your heart. Remember to love yourself always, with all the qualities and imperfections you may have.

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Never forget that you are worthy of love, kindness and respect. Don't settle for anyone who treats you any less than you deserve. Self-esteem is the key to being whole and happy. Dare to live life to the fullest, go after your dreams even if you don't know yet what that looks like. Choose to do something you are deeply passionate about, you will find joy and fulfillment by living life this way.

Find ways to challenge yourself continuously, and don't be afraid to try new things, because this is how you will grow and blossom as the years go by. Choosing to do something outside of your comfort zone will ignite talents you didn't know you had. Live with no regrets and let go of guilt.

The Letter I Wish I’d Written to my Middle School Daughter

Learning to forgive yourself when you don't get it right or make mistakes is the best thing you can do to be truly at peace. Travel whenever you can, because you will come to know yourself better and discover how full of wonders and beauty the world really is. Apply yourself at your chosen career and always conduct yourself with integrity.

Letter to My Daughters

We are Patriots. Thank you Matthew for so succinctly stating how I feel looking at the America I grew up in and what she has become. I still have hope that this crisis of identity can be resolved.

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I feel with you Matthew. My first shock took place in when I stepped off the plane in New York. I left an American school overseas operated by American missionaries and stepped into the real America, a melting pot of the good, bad, and the ugly just like any part of the world. My second shock came when I left an academic community that originally sent the missionaries overseas and moved South to the buckle of the Bible belt.

I have witnessed every attribute Trump posses practiced. I concluded that when people voted for Trump, they voted for someone that identifies with their humanity. A romance that has not changed either party. Due to our sinful humanity, Christ had to die in our place. By accepting His wounds and the crown of thornes he wore on our behalf, we will be able to wear the crown of gold. Christ is the answer to this corrupt world. This is an extremely thoughtful well written and moving letter. I would like to add my perspective if I may.

I was born in England a second generation immigrant from Eastern European heritage. My grandparents recieved political protection, as my grandfather ws a diplomat to the court of St James in the lead up to the war, and was one of many who warned Chamberlain against appeasment of Hitler. He knew full well the dangers of both Nazi Garmany and Soviet Stalinism. Of course he was proved right by events, yet unfortunately the Daily Mail continues to promote propaganda and lies regarding Brexit, immigration and so much else.

I bring this up to underline that you must not think of the US as somehow separate from the affairs of the rest of the world but intimately connected.

How I wrote it: the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s prospect letter

The US has destabilised and destroyed many democratic governments around the world and installed dictators in their place. And the current situation with Iran is a direct descendant of the US interference in their democracy in the 60s. And its thanks to Bushs illegal Iraq war that we had the most recent waves of terrorism in the last decade or more. However 2 wrongs do not make a right, and you are completely correct Trump is a national, and more importantly, an International liability and ever present danger to democracy.

You touch on a crucial point, that your clarity as to the situation only really happened by travelling and seeing the world. This is in my view is one of the biggest problems about your country and its beliefs about itself, the lack of exposure to other nations. In many ways you are a very naive country, both in what is fed you about your exceptionalism and the hard reality in relation to the rest of the world.

And from Australia I watched in horror as you elected Reagan, a b grade movie star, who then went on to eviscerate your education system and rescind the Fairness Doctrine re Media standards. So I was incredulous and horrified to see Trump being taken even remotely into consideration as President. And the Australian connection deepens when you consider it is Rupert Murdoch the Australian newspaper baron who owns Fox.

He also bought up several papers in the UK including our once most reputable paper, The Sunday Times.

A letter to new mothers, from a health visitor | Life and style | The Guardian

He is on record saying he dislikes the EU because he is not listened to there [with good reason] and has fed misinformation and lies about the EU in the UK, and about Obama in the US. And is a personal friend of Trumps. There is also vast ammounts of money to be made via Brexit for the disaster capitalists behind brexit and in our current government.

My point is, its all connected and its global. The one good thing is that both the UK and the US must now recognise that their overconfident belief in their own superiority is seen to be but a house of cards. And whats wrong with that? We are all in this life together ad there has been no time in history that we havent shifted borders or moved across the world.

We now face an existential threat that has been in abeyance for far too long. I hope this is a genuine reckoning with our shared humanity and shared culpability in destroying our own home — this beautiful Earth. And I genuinely wish and hope that Americans turn their eyes outwards to the world and understand their interaction with it, while realising that sometimes, just sometimes its those on the outside who can see the US situation clearly because of detachment and that America might benefit from taking some feedback. This response is not nearly as well written as yours, Ive banged it out in minutes and have the flu.

But I want to wish you the best and hope your family reads this [?

To my daughter's stepmom: I never wanted you here, but thank you

So you can see how far his poison has spread. I also hope enough Americans come together to see Trump safely removed for all our sakes. In the meantime we will never have unity until some kind of press standards can be applied Its not different opinions as to how should be done thats at issue — thats a good thing. Its the very basis of factual reporting that is at issue. Matthew, This letter is heartbreaking and I pray for you and your family to one day be healed and restored. There has been an evil plan in place throughout American history, to remove the principles, values, ethics and morals of the bible from our society.

Without the guidance of His moral compass, our nation was hijacked and lost its way. Those who seek the riches and powers of this world with uncontrollable greed, led our nation astray with creating variable morals to justify evil behavior. Thankfully there is hope! God has not given up on His people and He has been shining His glorious light to illuminate the darkness and expose the evil. As the truth is revealed, and evildoers are brought to justice, may we all come together as children of God to stand united for good over evil.


May those who have been deceived by the lies of this world repent, change their ways, and be saved. This letter is nonsense, for a woke person he is a moron! The country he believed in never actually existed. Only in his mind. America was always the bully! Everyone in DC is bad guy!! He was stupid enough to believe what his peers were telling him? Only when he actually saw the world did he realise how wrong he was!

The writer of this letter obviously follows and believes the corporately-owned, propaganda fake news.